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The Colosseum, Rome, Italy

Growing up, Gladiator was my favourite film. It’s what really got me into Roman history. Yes, I know there are quite a lot of historical discrepancies but I just loved it, and still do! 

Every time I go to Rome we always end up at the Colosseum. There's something magical about being there - that it’s still here after all those years and the sheer size of it. The first time I saw it I was literally gobsmacked!

The Colosseum is built from stone and concrete and took less than ten years to build. It was a gift from the Emperor to the Roman people.

The arena, or the arena of death, was used for public executions, animal hunts and gladiatorial fights and battles. The Emperor would put these great games on to keep the Roman people happy. More than 50,000 people could fit inside.

The Colosseum is an absolute must if you're visiting Rome. Make sure you pre-book online to secure a time slot and avoid the ticket office queues!


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