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A trip to Wells, Somerset

I love Wells. The smallest city in England has so much on offer; lots of historic places of interest, coffee shops and nice pubs.

Wells was also turned into Sandford for the blockbuster Hot Fuzz - brilliant film!

Here are a few places that are a must when visiting Wells.

First, Wells Cathedral. It’s massive - you can’t miss it! The impressive Cathedral was the first in England to be built in this gothic style. The current Cathedral was started in 1175, near to the site of an Anglo Saxon Church.

Secondly, the Bishops Palace. This has been home to the Bishops of Wells and Bath for well over 800 years. Founded in 1206, the Medieval Bishops developed the palace around the city’s ancient wells. The wells that gave the city its name.

The Palace is surrounded by a Moat which is fed by the wells. This was a later addition to the palace as the powerful Bishops of Bath and Wells were in disagreement with the locals, probably due to raising taxes, and the moat provided protection from any angry townsman.

In the Moat you’ll see a number of swans. In the 1870s, the daughter of Bishop Hervey taught the swans to ring a bell at the gatehouse for food. This tradition still continues today, so keep an eye (or ear!) out for a hungry swan.

Finally, Vicars Close. The houses in this close were built in the 14th century and the street is believed to be the most complete example of a medieval close in the UK. The close was built to provide accommodation for the Vicars Choral who sang daily at the Cathedral. They still sing here today.

If you visit Somerset, Wells is a must. I promise you won’t be disappointed!


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